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About the Instructor

Hi!  My name is Joyce, I'm your Infant Aquatic Survival Instructor / Specialist.  Being blessed with a swimming pool at home, living in sunny California with many beaches accessible nearby and our love for the water, my husband and I deemed it necessary to enroll our son to a survival swim school.  After the loss of our first born, protecting our second child was the most important & serious task for us as parents.  Despite adult supervision, a pool fence and an alarm system in place, we wanted to make sure he kept himself safe in case an aquatic accident occurs.


We found the closest swim school offering survival swimming and it was a 40-minute drive one way!  Thank God I'm a stay at home mom because it truly was a commitment to drive daily for six (6) weeks... but it was totally worth it and the best investment we've ever made!  Seeing my son's transformation was life-changing and knowing that my son learned survival swim skills / drowning preventions skills and can potentially save his own life gives me so much peace - and this is the best part that money couldn't buy!!!  The survival skills he learned gave him confidence in navigating the water and allowed him to have fun while in it too.


I truly believe there is a BIG NEED for infants and young children to learn DROWNING PREVENTION SKILLS as it can definitely save their lives.  Moreover, learning from the World Health Organization's 2014 fact sheet that drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, and drowning being the 2nd leading cause of unintentional injury death in children ages 1 - 14 years in California, I was very alarmed and felt a calling in my heart to become an Infant Aquatic Survival Instructor / Specialist to serve my community.  Knowing first hand how painful it is to lose a child, I wanted to help prevent parents from experiencing this devastating experience if I could.  I believe my personal pain has brought me where I am today.  Drowning is a preventable tragedy and survival swimming is the best way, next to adult supervision, to prevent it from happening. 


After researching about the different survival swim schools available, I found that the gentle ways and proven techniques of Infant Aquatics was the best fit for me and the one that I would definitely want to share with my community.  This is how I started my journey with Infant Aquatics and the birth of Survival Swim School of California LLC.


In Survival Swim School of California, our focus is your child's survival and safety in the water above all.  We will empower your child with survival swim skills / self-rescue skills  so your child can safely enjoy the water without a flotation device in a matter of WEEKS... NOT YEARS!  

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